Notice of Race

Revised 4/30/19

2019 Y-Knot Cup Regatta • September 7-8, 2019

Y-Knot Sailing, Camp Chingachgook, Lake George, NY

1. Organizing Authority
The Organizing Authority for this event will be Y-Knot Sailing, a program of YMCA Camp Chingachgook located in Pilot Knob on Lake George, New York.

2. Rules
The Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions of US Sailing and the 2017 Martin 16 Class Rules, except as any of these is altered by this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. Any changes will be posted on the official notice board at the Waterfront Pavilion prior to 9am each day of the regatta.

Martin 16 Class Rule 6.2.4 is amended for this regatta as follows: The sentence “Assist the sailor in performing functions that the sailor is not physically capable of excluding steering and sheeting” is deleted and replaced with “Assist the sailor in performing functions that the sailor is not physically capable of excluding steering.”

3. Venue
The regatta will be sailed from YMCA Camp Chingachgook. All land activities, including registration, launching, rigging, daily events, awards ceremony, and briefings for skippers and volunteers will be held at the camp. The racing venue shall be the waters of Lake George; the exact course location will be set at the discretion of the Race Committee.

4. Format
All races will be sailed in Martin 16 sloops. The regatta will be sailed in two fleets: Gold and Silver, both sailed under the Single-Handed format described in Section 6 of the Martin 16 Class Rules.

5. Eligibility
All sailors are eligible to compete, regardless of level of experience, ability or disability. Preference will be given to sailors with disabilities in the assignment of Y-Knot boats. Able-bodied sailors will be placed on a waiting list, and any Y-Knot boats still available on Sept 1 will be assigned to those on the waiting list at that time. Y-Knot Sailing will be the sole arbiter of eligibility.

6. Boats and Equipment
Any competitors may supply and prepare their own Martin 16 sloop and related equipment. Boats supplied must be covered by an appropriate insurance policy. A sailor who causes damage to another boat will be held responsible for repairs. Boat owners, whether individuals or organizations, are responsible for rigging and preparing their own boats and equipment. When boats are owned by sailing organizations other than Y-Knot, these organizations may name an equal number of their members to compete in each fleet in the Y-Knot Cup Regatta. Competitors requiring a charter boat must notify Y-Knot Sailing at the time of registration. All boats must comply with Class Rule Section 3: Measurements and Specifications.

7. Assistive Devices
A competitor may supply and use any assistive device they deem necessary to provide a level of function equivalent to other competitors. Assistive devices must be declared and approved by Y-Knot Sailing prior to the start of any race in which the device is used. Autohelm/windlass systems (power-assisted steering and/or sheeting) will be made available, if possible, by Y-Knot Sailing for use by any competitor needing the system. Failure to supply a competitor with the system described above, or the functional failure of any such system shall not constitute grounds for redress.

8. Preliminary Race Schedule
Race Committee plans on two full days of racing, and will attempt to run three races per fleet per day.

Friday, September 6
9 am – 9 pm Boat Launching
5 pm – 9 pm Check-In, Late Registration

Saturday, September 7
8:30 am: Skippers meeting, Waterfront Pavilion
9:30 am: Warning signal — first race of the day, Gold Fleet
10:00 am: Coaching Clinic, Silver Fleet
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Warning signal — first race of the day, Silver Fleet
2:00 pm: Coaching Clinic, Gold Fleet
6:00 pm: Dinner, Main Dining Hall

Sunday, September 8
9:30 am: Warning signal — first race of the day, Silver Fleet
10:00 am: Coaching Clinic, Gold Fleet
12:00 pm: Lunch
1:30 pm: Warning signal — first race of the day, Gold Fleet
2:00 pm: Coaching Clinic, Silver Fleet
5:00 pm: Awards Ceremony, Waterfront Pavilion

9. Sailing Instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration, and will be posted on our web site (

10. Scoring
The series will be scored as provided in Appendix A of the racing rules using the Low Point System. No score will be excluded (this changes RRS A2.1). One race must be completed in each Fleet to constitute the Y-Knot Cup Regatta.

11. Safety
All participants shall supply and wear a PFD approved by the appropriate governing authority at all times while racing. In the event that it is not practical or safe for a competitor to use a PFD as described above, the participant may apply to the Organizing Authority for a dispensation with respect to the PFD rule above. In such a case the participant must supply and wear, at all times while racing, an alternative form of PFD which must be submitted to and accepted by the Organizing Authority upon registration.

12. Prizes
Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in both Fleets. Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

13. Registration
The Regatta registration fee is $95 and includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and dinner on Saturday night. To ensure participation in this event, sailors MUST register by September 1, 2019. Meals for volunteers are free. Other family members or friends may purchase the meal plan for $35 for the weekend.

Associations and individuals may register for the Y-Knot Cup Regatta by completing the registration form. If the regatta is over-subscribed, the participants will be determined by available boats. Participants who are not bringing their own boats will be selected by lottery from all entries received. No competitor will be allowed to compete who has not first registered and paid the entry fee. Scholarships are available for sailors who meet financial need requirements. Competitors will select Gold or Silver fleet when registering; the Organizing Authority reserves the right to change fleet assignments.

14. Boat Inspections
All trailered boats being launched into Lake George must undergo an inspection at one of the six regional inspection stations around Lake George before they launch. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure that boats and trailers are clean, drained and dry, and are harboring no invasive species. Our goal is to keep Lake George clean for the future, so that we can all enjoy this lake in its current high-quality state for generations to come. There is no cost to boaters for these inspections, or the washing of the boat and trailer if determined necessary by an inspection technician.

The nearest inspection station to the camp is at Dunham’s Bay Dock and Launch, 2036 Bay Road Queensbury, NY 12845; west on Rt. 9L from where Pilot Knob Rd. begins. It operates from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.

15. Travel Information
YMCA Camp Chingachgook is located in Pilot Knob, New York and is within easy access of I-87 (Northway). Directions: Take Northway Exit 20 (Rt. 149/Fort Ann/Whitehall), turn left on Rt. 9 north. Go one-half mile on Rt. 9, then turn right onto Rt. 149. Go 4.5 miles on Rt. 149, then turn left onto Rt. 9L (Ridge Road). Go 4.5 miles on Rt. 9L and make a slight right turn onto Pilot Knob Road. Go 4.5 miles down Pilot Knob Road to the Camp, on your right.

16. Accommodations
You can find accessible accommodations in the Lake George area. Free housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis at Camp Chingachgook. Accommodations are “camp style” cabins, or you can set up your own tent. Bring your own towels and bed linens or sleeping bags. Those who plan to stay at camp must reserve space prior to arrival.

17. Contact Information
Mail or fax registration forms and payment to:
Y-Knot Cup Regatta
YMCA Camp Chingachgook
1872 Pilot Knob Road
Kattskill Bay, NY 12844
Phone: 518-656-9462
Fax: 518-656-9362

Regatta Chairman
Spencer Raggio, (518) 899-9137
[email protected]

Housing and Accommodation Information
Camp Chingachgook, 518-656-9462
[email protected]