Our Sailboats

Martin 16

Y-Knot has a fleet of six Martin 16s. With a deep ballasted keel and simple control systems, the Martin 16 is a safe daysailer for sailors of all abilities. A second seat accommodates an instructor or passenger. And two of our four M16s are equipped with an asymmetrical spinnaker. As a sport and recreation, sailing allows sailors with disabilities to sail without compromise, alongside able-bodied sailors. From its inception, the Martin 16 was designed to be accessible to sailors with mobility impairments — without specialized adaptations. Stability, adjustable seating and simplified control systems make the Martin 16 accessible to most physically challenged sailors. The Martin 16 Power-Assist System provides modular, power-assisted steering, sail-sheeting and bilge-pumping. The Martin 16’s 330 lb. (150 kg.) bulb keel provides exceptional stability.


Our three Sonars are the newest additions to our fleet, and include a brand-new boat that was given to Y-Knot by the Clagett Boat Grant program. The Sonar is a 23-foot keelboat with a large open cockpit and secure seating for helmsman and crew. We use this boat in Y-Knot’s “Learn to Sail” classes, and have added modifications to the boat to accommodate our disabled sailors. We have two different sliding helm seats, transfer benches and stability grab bars for both skipper and jib trimmer, and an autohelm that can be controlled by either electronic joystick or sip ‘n’ puff.