Do I get to stay in my wheelchair?

No. The boats have comfortable and secure seating, and you can use any pad or cushion you would like to bring on board with you. We have lifts and slings to move you easily and comfortably from your chair to the boat.

How will I get on the boat?

Sailors board boats based on their particular style. Some folks simply hop aboard, some require the assistance of strong hand, some transfer from wheelchairs under their own power. And for those who need additional help we have lifts mounted on the dock to safely move sailors in and out of the boats.

Can these boats flip or sink?

No. The Sonar and Martin 16 are exceptionally stable keelboats that will not capsize.

Do I have to know how to swim? Will I get wet?

Y-Knot sailboats will NOT capsize. You won’t have to swim, but if the day is windy you may get wet from spray — that’s part of the fun.

Is sailing an extreme sport?

Like many other sports, sailing can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from leisurely cruising to competitive racing… and under a variety of conditions. Y-Knot sailors have been on the water when many of the bigger boats on the lake chose to stay at the dock, but safety always comes first.

What if it rains?

We won’t sail in torrential downpours or thunderstorms. But if there’s wind, and just occasional or light rain, we’ll go out — bring your rain gear and a change of clothes!

What if there is no wind?

It doesn’t take much breeze to make a Martin 16 go, but if the wind dies completely you can always enjoy the beautiful Lake George scenery… or take a swim in the lake.

How long is a sailing day?

Check the calendar for specific times, but in general our sailing days last through the afternoon. Your time on the water may vary, depending on conditions, how many other sailors attend, and your own physical needs. Plan on spending at least two hours on the water.


How do I get to the Camp?

Camp Chingachgook is about 45 minutes from Saratoga Springs, an hour and 15 minutes from Albany or Schenectady. Address and map

Is the Camp accessible?

Yes, there is good access to the waterfront, and our new dock and waterfront headquarters is a completely accessible structure, including an elevator to the top deck. The Camp has an accessible bathroom near the waterfront that’s big enough to change clothes in. There is plenty of parking, and we have crushed gravel walkways leading to the waterfront. If you need help getting around, just ask! We have volunteers and staff on hand to assist.


What does it cost to be a Y-Knot member and go sailing?

Nothing, you can sail with Y-Knot absolutely free! Y-Knot is supported by donations and sponsors, please consider supporting Y-Knot if you can help.

Is Y-Knot just for people with disabilities?

No! Y-Knot is an adaptive sailing program that works to include people with disabilities in the sport of sailing. We make providing opportunities for people with disabilities a priority, but many of our members are not disabled and participate as sailors, or volunteer captains and crew.

Can I just come to watch?

Yes, but we hope to convince you that you’ll have more fun on the water.

Can I bring friends or family members?

Sure, sailing is even more fun when you share it with others. Just be sure that you let us know if you are bringing someone with you so we can plan.

Do I need special training to volunteer?

No. Providing comprehensive orientation and training for our staff and volunteers is a key component of our focus on safety. Each season, we host a Volunteer Training Day, and we provide hands-on training to volunteers throughout the season.


What should I wear?

Your sailing bag should contain rain gear, sunscreen, and a cap and sunglasses to help cut the glare on the water. We’ll provide a PFD (life jacket) if you don’t have one of your own. Toss a change of clothes, including footwear, in the car just in case. Weather conditions on Lake George can change quickly, so dress comfortably for the weather forecast, but bring extra layers and appropriate gear to ensure you stay comfortable.