Welcome Reception for New Sonar Sailboat Dec 11


Y-Knot’s new Sonar will be arriving at the Camp on Sunday Dec 11 at 1pm — please join us for a welcome reception as she rolls into Lake George for the first time! (Well, not literally into the lake, it is December after all…)

We’re also going to use this opportunity to launch our winter chalk talks, following up the reception with a discussion of the Sonar, how sailing it differs from the Martin 16, what the crew positions are, what adaptations are going to be available for our sailors, and how we will build teams for Sonar events next summer and beyond.

This new Sonar, a 23-foot paralympic class sailboat, is being provided by the Clagett boat grant program. Y-Knot was chosen from dozens of adaptive sailing programs throughout the US as the first recipient in this extremely generous program.

Please RSVP to Andrew Angione at Camp Chingachgook: [email protected] or 518-656-9462.