Board of Managers Meeting: March 2013

Minutes from the Mar. 26, 2013, Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting at the Clifton Park YMCA, Clifton Park, NY, are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison), Mark Carneval (Y-Knot Board President), Trish McCluskey, Don Miller (Vice President), Dan Kennedy, Rick Irvine (Treasurer), Spencer Raggio and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

Minutes from the Feb. 20 meetings were read and approved.

Don Miller asked Keith Edwards if the Camp was prepared to make a boat available for the May 8, 11:30 A.M., Stratton V.A. Hospital demonstration for Team Albany. Keith said he would bring one down.

Regarding the dock construction schedule, Keith said in the next two weeks, we should have dates for volunteers to come up and begin pitching in on Y-Knot dock construction. Keith asked us to watch for an email a couple of days in advance. Instead of double doors, Keith says they have decided to put a garage door in for the dock’s building.

For the Ti Race, Spencer said, we plan to host the awards ceremony Sunday, June 16, at the Y-Knot dock, where we’ll have a celebration kicking off two days commemorating the Camp Centennial and the dock dedication, Monday, June 17. To generate awareness, Spencer has been getting in touch with everyone who has ever won the Ti Race to make sure they are aware of the event and will show up.

One of the comments that came up during discussions revolving around the Ti Race and the Y-Knot Dock dedication is that if all the sailors who have won trophies came down, we would be unable to put them up at the Camp if it was in session. (The Camp is not in session.) Keith pointed out that this is the biggest hurdle we face in terms of getting the best usage out of the dock—that when camp is in session, we can’t provide quarters for sailors traveling in from out of town.

“Nobody wants to get off the water wet after a fun day sailing,” Keith said, “and then have to travel 20-30 minutes to a hotel to get a change of clothes.”

Keith says we contacted Burlington to explore offering them the use of a boat this summer to make up for the loss of their Martin 16. Mark offered to take care of taking the boat to and from Burlington. We’ve been asked to come up with some dates when we could spare a boat. While we’re happy to support them, we’re not certain whether we can spare it. We also have to explore issues about insurance and whether we can get someone such as Peter Hogg, a volunteer who lives nearby, over to help unload and load up the boat.

So if we want to block off a week around the Burlington Regatta, Aug. 3-4, to send a boat over there, we can.

Regarding Pre-Registration for sailing days and the Regatta, Keith said we had a few issues where we didn’t know ahead of time what kind of attendance we were going to have—both sailors and volunteers. Spencer urged everyone to remind people to use the Web site form or call when they plan on coming up.

For the 18th Annual NYSTRA, to be held in April in Fishkill, HY, Keith talked to a person by the name of Natalie from NYSTRA and we agreed to host a table and have a collection of handouts available. NYSTRA stands for New York state therapeutic recreation association.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 16, at the Clifton Park YMCA.