Board of Managers Meeting: January 2013

Minutes from the Jan. 16, 2013, Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting at the Clifton Park YMCA, Clifton Park, NY, are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison), Don Miller (Vice President), Trish McCluskey, Scott Stewart, Spencer Raggio, Dan Kennedy, Rick Irvine (Treasurer) and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

Dan said the minutes from the Nov. 10 meeting will be ready for the February meeting.

Regarding the waterfront area, Keith said dredging has been completed to a minimum 5-foot depth and up to 6 feet at key areas along the edge of where the new dock will be. Two semi trailers dropped off lumber including 6×6-inch lumber for the cribs to support the 50x50foot dock.

Regarding the Treasurers report, Keith said a couple of large $1,000 donations came in late in the year. Also, following up on an item from last month’s meeting, Keith said the proceeds from the Sailabration Silent Auction have been added in. Both additions produce a 2012 budget surplus of $955. Keith also handed out the budget for 2013, which includes 14 sailing days—3 more than 2012.

For the Stratton Veterans Administration Hospital — Adaptive Sports/National Games Program on December 12, Trish and Don attended. They got 10 names to add to our mailing list. The show was open, 4 hours, from 10 to 2, and they said they were buys the whole time. Mostly social workers and other care givers, they also made a connection with someone from the Paralympic team from Colorado.

Don says he needs more handout cards. Keith will get them.

There is the possibility of doing an event in Niskayuna along the Mohawk River. Don will contact the Maritime Center to see what we can do. They have hoists for stepping masts.

As to Hoyer lifts for the new waterfront dock, Paula Stone, AQVA, recommends don’t get electric lifts, Dan Kennedy reported. Keith said there were reports that a battery may run out while a sailor is in the lift. Electric lifts also cost $5,000. Manual beams would cost probably less than $1,000. The idea was raised to use I beams in the roof to at least have one lift come from rolling lifts under the I beams. We may go with 1 lift this year to see how it goes. More research may be worth the effort.

Keith said we would like to get volunteers to help construct the dock. We can expect to see dates in March.

This year’s Ti-Race will be the 40th Anniversary, June 15. This coincides with a regular sailing day.

Don discovered 2013 Disabled Sailing Championships — 2.4s Ideal 18s and Sonars. We are going to see about inviting them to Lake George.

Keith said he has ordered the sails we will need this year.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the Clifton Park YMCA.