Board of Managers Meeting: February 2012

Minutes from the Feb. 28, 2012, Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting at the Southern Saratoga YMCA, Clifton Park, NY, are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Mark Carnevale (President), Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison), Dan Kennedy, Spencer Raggio, Don Miller (Vice President), and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

This meeting was originally scheduled to be held Feb. 21 but was rescheduled from last week because of a winter storm and illnesses.

The Board welcomed long-time volunteer Dan Kennedy to his first Y-Knot Board meeting.

Minutes from the Jan. 17 meeting were read and approved.

The Capital Area Model Boat Association gave a presentation by Peter Meixner, who was kind enough to come by and tell us about his Soling One Meter radio controlled model racing sailboat fleet (Web site They race Tuesday and Friday afternoons 2:00-4:00 P.M. at the Crossings, Clifton Park. Mark Carnevale agreed to talk with Peter off-line to pick a date when he would lead a Y-Knot delegation to attend one of their sessions.

North Country Access will be Friday, July 13. We like to take boats and attend this semi-annual event because it’s a good showcase to show people what the Martin 16 can do. Plus, it’s near Fort Drum so there are Wounded Warriors in the crowd. Don Miller and Dan Kennedy are planning to go and Keith Edwards will be taking two sailboats. Mark Carnevale says he would like to attend if he can find accommodations suitable for his needs with the wheelchair. He will be bringing a friend of his, Dan Mueller, along also to participate.

Regarding the 2011 budget, Keith reorganized the income categories to reflect the reality that there are no membership dues as we operate presently. Spencer Raggio said that it appears that the monies from the Moon and Whalen Memorial Funds have not been reflected yet in the operating budget. When those are applied to the income sheet, then we would expect these monies to go to the Designated Fund along with the $107 surplus recorded from 2011 activities.

The next meeting will be held Tues., Mar. 20, at the Clifton Park YMCA.

Submitted by Dan Byrnes, March 20, 2012.