Board of Managers Meeting: January 2012

Minutes from the Jan. 17, 2012, Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting at the Clifton Park Library are submitted for consideration as follows: In attendance were Mark Carnevale (President), Spencer Raggio, Don Miller (Vice President), Scott Stewart (Vice President), Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison) and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

Minutes from the Nov. 12 meeting were read and approved.

The Y-Knot Sailabration Annual Dinner netted $1,117 in November. On other financial matters, the 2011 budget was reviewed and the Board noted that other income from Memorial Funds (Moon and Whalen) are not reflected under income. Some donations are also still miscategorized from errors we identified last meeting. The Board estimated that anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 may need to be moved around. Keith Edwards agreed to look into these matters, review the budget and bring a resolution back to our February meeting.

Regarding boat covers, Keith said we are on track to get 3 more tarps so all 6 Martins will have one to help keep water out between sail days. We are also getting No Limit’s roller furling jib out for repairs. Keith said we are scheduled as discussed last meeting to get one new set of Martin sails for about $1,900. The purchase of the Guzzler bilge pumps are in progress also, so we will have some boat work to do in the spring.

The topic was raised of whether we should change the date of our Regatta (Sept. 8-9, 2012) to increase participation from sailors who have conflicts and would otherwise be able to attend our Regatta. There’s a bicycling event for example in Burlington, VT, where monies are raised for a disabled association (Northeast Disabled Athletic Association). Keith said we cannot do Sept. 17 because it is a women’s weekend at the Camp. The two weekends following are J/24 events on Lake George, which won’t work because we depend on J/24 crew for volunteer staff to run the Regatta. We can’t move the Regatta up to an earlier date because Camp is in session. The Board agreed it makes sense to keep the current date for the Y-Knot Regatta.

Regarding radios for the Martins, Keith said the Camp is going to try to get 6 more radios on the Camp frequency for use at the waterfront. The Board agreed that Y-Knot would be willing to help underwrite some of the cost of the radios which Keith estimated would be about $200 each.

The Board discussed a proposal to conduct frostbite racing in the spring and/or the fall using the Capri 14s in Camp. Keith said that the boats are in such poor repair, that we would need all new boats before the Camp could let them out to charter for a spring or fall series. In addition, the Camp’s motorboat insurance policy doesn’t cover anything after Oct. 30. We agreed to discuss with Camp Director George Painter whether Y-Knot can be involved with a frostbite program. The Board sees this as more of a Camp issue than a question for Y-Knot.

Keith reported that either July 13 or July 20 (both are Fridays) would be the date for the North Country Access event in Clayton, NY. We are committed to taking two boats up for the event. Don Miller has committed to volunteering and Spencer Raggio said he thinks he can make it. Keith said he plans to go and will tow the two boats. North Country Access has promised to offset some of our expenses for the event.

The next meeting will be held Tues., Feb. 21, at the Clifton Park Library.

Submitted by Dan Byrnes, January 26, 2012.