Y-Knot Sailors in Flight

A report from Steve Mintz on a recent adventure for some Y-Knot sailors:

“On Oct. 8, Fritz Smith, Dave Whalen, Mark Carnevale and myself took advantage of the opportunity to ride and, indeed, pilot a real SAILplane. This opportunity was made possible by an organization, Freedom’s Wings International.  The fact that all four of us are still alive speaks for itself! For me, and I assume for the other “pilots”, it was an exhilarating experience, to say the least! There was no charge for the experience. The actual glider is pictured with Mark at the “stick” (helm). What struck me as absolutely amazing, a SAILplane is very happy in light or dead air. WOW! Something to do on calm days too. The organization might consider basing a sailplane here at the Saratoga County Airport. An expression of interest might help the cause. There was no problem boarding. A Hoyer Lift was available, but passengers were lifted aboard. Also, the glider was adapted for the disabled. An experienced instructor is aboard to handle any controls that might be difficult. It was a relaxing activity for me.”

Mark Carnevale is pictured above, and you can check out additional photos on the Adirondack Soaring Site.