Board of Managers Meeting: August 2011

Minutes from the Aug. 18, 2011, Y-Knot Board of Managers meeting in Clifton Park are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Spencer Raggio, Don Miller (Vice President), Mark Carnevale (President), Steve Mintz, Rick Irvine (Treasurer), and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

Regarding boat repairs and maintenance: Three of the six boats (Martins) we use for individual sailing now have tarps. We discussed getting three more, but took no action at this time.

Before it can be launched back into the water, Martin 51 will need a light gel coat repair after it returned from Montreal. Apparently during the trip it had slipped off of one of the supports.

Rick reported that the decals are on one boat and we’re waiting to see how they hold up. We may need to laminate over a decal to make the artwork hold up. All the boats will have decals by the start of next season.

Mark brought up the new dock plans. The new dock will allow Y-Knot to schedule more racing days and have more sailors.

Regarding fund-raising, the Board discussed putting up something on the Web inviting people to purchase Y-Knot merchandise by calling the camp. Rick offered to mock up something for review at the next meeting.

The Board discussed the Martin 16 that is being offered for sale in Rochester for $16,995. The Board reached a consensus that while we’d like to have a seventh boat, we don’t really need it at this time.

The Board made a unanimous decision to name Mike Hall volunteer of the year. He made every outing this year, including volunteer training day, and was often one of the first persons to show up. We are going to present him with a gift certificate to West Marine for $75.00. Dan volunteered to pick up the certificate for the Sailabration Banquet, Nov. 12.

Regarding Regatta favors, on the last two outings we’ve run out of bottled water. In Toronto at the 2009 Mobility Cup, they gave out water bottles and had jugs to fill them up. Rick offered to make arrangements to engrave water bottles to be handed out as

Y-Knot has heard several requests from people to move its Regatta back by a week or so in September so it doesn’t compete with other events in the disabled sailing calendar, such as the Mobility Cup at the end of August and a disabled bike race in Vermont usually the first week after Labor Day. The question was raised of whether we would actually consider doing it later next year, in 2012. No decision was made to make a change at this time.

We discussed repairs that are needed to one sail. Volunteer Bob Flanagan has told us that he has an industrial strength sewing machine and would be able to work on Dacron sails. We’re going to coordinate whether the sail is Dacron and we can get some patch material for Bob to effect repairs.

We have a windlass for automatically trimming sails using a servo control, but we are not sure that anyone knows how to hook it up. Spencer is going to contact Steve Albee in Canada about getting a second autohelm into our inventory.

Our next meeting will be Nov. 12, 3:00 p.m., with the Sailabration Banquet to follow at 5:00.

Submitted by Dan Byrnes, November 12, 2011.