Board of Managers Meeting: May 2011

Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting minutes in Clifton Park are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Scott Stewart (Vice President), Spencer Raggio, Don Miller (Vice President), Mark Carnevale (President), Steve Mintz, Rick Irvine (Treasurer), Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison), Billy Rankin (YMCA Chinghachook Director), Trish McCluskey, Dave Whalen (via Skype), and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

Rick reported that there is $9,500 in the bank. Donations include $1,000 from Stewart’s Shops and $2,000 from Powermat for a matching grant. In addition, we received $1,720 from the Pauline Whalen Memorial Fund. Don mentioned that the Rainbows used in the spring Learn to Sail community sailing classes looked great and we thanked Keith for his work in boat repair.

We have been invited to attend Nyack this Friday, but no one from this group is able to attend.

Regarding boat repairs, Pathfinder backed into the port side of No Limit during the spring sailing class two Sundays ago. A patch from a repair some years ago popped off and it will need repairs subsequently this fall.

Tarps are being built with a lot of extra space for signage which could be used to tell visitors to the camp about Y-Knot. Tarp costs will be $230/each, for a total of about $1,500. Our canvas maker Bill Weatherbee has done a great job with the tarps.

Rick Irvine showed a printed banner that can be used as a table runner. It says Welcome Y-Knot Sailors and Volunteers to Camp Chingachgook on Lake George.

Rick and Keith showed pictures of artwork for graphics that are going to be applied to the hull’s freeboard and transoms of the Martins. They look great.

We plan to acquire the hyphenated URL, but Spencer wanted to remind everyone whenever we write down or print our URL, it is best to be consistent and use without the hyphen.

Keith reported that he bought a Ritchie Navigation sailing compass to try out to see if it’s going to work for us. Keith plans to Velcro it just behind the mast and in front of the splash board. They are $58/each, from Port Supply (West Marine).

Regarding the Web site directory listing, Spencer contacted them about listing Y-Knot Sailing. He never heard back. Spencer also contacted U.S. Sailing, who got back right away with a positive letter and Y-Knot is now listed in the directory there.

Don said that when he was at Havastraw, NY, a few weeks ago, someone there offered to bring a 2.4 meter boat up for our Regatta in September. Spencer said we could put the word out and see if anyone else would like to bring other boats in so we could get a racing quorum of at least 4 boats. Don said he would get in touch with his contact with the 2.4 meter boat to see if he’d like to put something together.

The Americade Raffle is coming up and the sponsors have asked us to fill some spots for the raffle on June 7-11, 11-2 and 2-5 PM. He’d like us to have 8 people to fill these slots. One or two people need to go to the training session on the 6th and Keith will represent us at the training session.

No Limit’s furling jib is starting to wear out, Keith said. Spencer suggested at least a 100% jib to replace it. Our sailmaker Ed Trombley asked for $550 including the cover. The Board told Keith, go ahead.

Keith asked if people can register to volunteer earlier using the web site. We decided to try to make a greater effort to use the email addresses to gather reservations and that Billy was going to step forward and make that happen in conjunction with the weekly email updates he promised to send out.

Eight volunteers showed up for volunteer training day. Six were new.

Don brought up the idea of member dues which have been a source of income in the past. Spencer suggested, pay so much get a membership, a little more, get a membership and a hat. Rick agreed to make up a sign that would be used to remind people to support Y-Knot Sailing by becoming a member and buying our merchandise.

Submitted by Dan Byrnes June 14, 2011.