Board of Managers Meeting: January 2011

Minutes from Jan. 25, 2011, Y-Knot Board of Managers’ meeting minutes are submitted for consideration as follows:

In attendance were Mark Carnevale (President), Don Miller (Vice President), Rick Irvine (Treasurer), Becky Bonn, Scott Stewart (Vice President), Steve Mintz, Keith Edwards (YMCA Camp Chingachgook liaison), Spencer Raggio and Dan Byrnes (Secretary).

The Oct. 30, 2010, minutes were reviewed and then approved by the Board for posting on the web blog.

Keith asked that the Board consider donating this year’s (2011’s) projected operating surplus to the new waterfront project, which is still facing a shortfall of about $80,000. The amount of the surplus right now is about $1,000. The question was tabled for now. Mark made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Becky seconded it, and the report was accepted.

Mark proposed that since the Mobility Cup is so late this summer (August 29-Sept. 2) that we contact AQVA and see if it would be better if we moved our Regatta date (Sept. 10-11.) Mark will contact AQVA to find out. The Cup is in relatively nearby Hamilton so there may be an opportunity for some sailors to take part in both events.

Y-Knot has two sailors who have already expressed an interest in attending.

Regarding boat repair, Keith reported that all the repair work needed for this year has been finished. The projected Martin tarps are going to need hooks or snaps, two or three of them on each side, to hold the tarps down with shock cord. Keith is working with Bill Weatherbee who is making the tarps to come up with a good solution that will avoid anyone catching hooks or snaps when they slide into the Martin.

Regarding sail graphics, Rick Irvine says he is waiting for good weather to test out our decals for hulls and sails. Keith will send out an email when that day comes along.

Regarding the waterfront upgrade and capital fundraising for that project, Mark said a meeting has been scheduled with YMCA Camp Chingachgook George Painter to meet State Senator Betty Little in February about restoring the funds that were lost last year for permitting delays. We’re hoping those funds haven’t been re-allocated despite the budget problems the state is having.

Don Miller has been researching new sources of funding from Foundations. Dan and Don will meet Saturday Feb. 5 at 2:00 at Mocha Lisa to investigate.

Regarding other fund raising activities, Mark made inquiries both at the Sagamore and the Algonquin to see if tieng in with the Chowder Cup Regatta appeals to anyone. The Sagamore said, no, and the Algonquin’s answer is still out. Mark is pursuing other options including possibly the Lake George Club.

Winter chalk talk session is schedule as a social event at the Diamond Eight’s billiard hall–tentative date of Saturday, Apr. 2. Becky will check into the availability.

The Board reviewed this year’s schedule. Keith said the volunteer training day on May 14 is fine, but the boat work day will be Saturday, April 16. The question came up of whether having a racing day on the same day as the Fort Ticondaroga Race is a conflict, and Keith said last year it was not.

The Helen Hayes Hospital contacted Keith about participating in the Adaptive Sports and Recreation Expo on Apr. 16, 11:00-3:00, in Haverstraw, near Nyack. We’re going to look at getting somebody to go there and represent Y-Knot sailing.

AQVA will be held 7/30-31 in Montreal.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011, at the Clifton Park library.