Board of Managers Meeting: June 2010

June 15, 2010, 6:00 pm at the Clifton Park YMCA
Board Members present: Mark Carnevale, Spencer Raggio, Rick Irvine, Don Miller, Keith Edwards; also Y-Knot member Steve Mintz

President Mark Carnevale called the meeting to order at 6:15pm.

Reading of the May 15, 2010 minutes (Dan Byrnes)
No report given

Treasurer’s report (Rick Irvine)
Keith reported that Learn To Sail brought in $900, the mailing fund drive is at approximately $2,300, and $100 was sent to AQVA for the Mark Landry Memorial Fund.

Boat Repairs
It was noted that the lines and jam cleats for seat adjustment on the Martins need to be inspected and replaced if needed. Steve Mintz asked if the jam cleats for the main and jib hailers could be inspected and replaced if needed also.

Sail Graphics (Rick)
Much discussion was given to putting the Y-Knot web address on new sails ( Consensus was putting the URL on the sails would be too much. It was decided that it would look better on the hull along with the Camp Chingachgook logo. Keith and Rick are to work on getting new labels to identify all the jam cleats on the Martins. They will also look into a rules of the road decal to be placed on the splash board along with rules of racing.

New Water Front Area (George Painter)
Keith reported that the round table meeting with all permit agencies involved is scheduled for June 22. Report will be given at the August meeting.

Ti-Race (Having all 6 Martins participate)
Mark reported that he had 5 racers willing to race in the Ti Race. He was still waiting to hear from Eric Rose. Still need some more volunteers for the race.

North Country Access July 16, 2010 in Clayton, NY. (Keith Edwards)
Mark, his companion Dan Muller, Keith and Don are going to bring two Martins out. Mark has reserved two rooms for two nights at a motel outside of Clayton. Mark has also registered everyone. Final travel arrangements will be made at a later date.

15-year celebration of Y-Knot in 2011.
Mark is still working on ideas for the 15th annual celebration.

Paralympic sailor Maureen McKinnon coming to give a talk (Dave Whalen)
No report given

Pete Hogge’s operation
Steve reported that Pete had his operation and is doing well. He should be back on the water soon.

Scott Stewart emailed a comment on the travel reimbursement component of the Travel Regatta Policy. He suggested the policy should be changed to reflect actual gas usage (receipts) rather than mileage. After much discussion the board decided to leave the policy unchanged, as it would be both easier and fairer to reimburse using the camp’s standard mileage rate.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.

Respectfully submitted
Don Miller, Acting Secretary