Board of Managers Meeting: November 2009

November 7, 2009 at Camp Chingachgook, 2:45pm

In attendance were Scott Stewart and Don Miller (co-Vice-Presidents), Rick Irvine (Treasurer), Becky Bonn (Secretary), Spencer Raggio, Trish McCluskey, Dan Byrne and George Painter.

Minutes from August 11, 2009 were accepted by Scott, and Trish seconded.

Treasurer’s Report
Rick Irvine: the report is not totally up-to-date as of today. Participants were down. Miscellaneous expense was made up of travel expenses, mileage and lodging, new sails (should be switched to designated), apparel (should be set up as a line item, such as Y-Knot Store). A line item should also be created for regional regattas. Ti Race: nothing was raised but the Corinthians still sent approx. $200. Sailabration is an awesome end of the year event, maybe we should host a crew party at the opening season. Trish motioned to accept and Spencer seconded.

Committee Reports
Program Director / Camp Staff: Carol can reply to emails sent for volunteer and sailor registrations as confirmation. George says we are on autopilot at this point and through the slower times it is good that we have a good system in place and we will get stronger especially when the dock is in place. If more people show up then register we need to have a back up in place. We are comfortable with 22 sailors; maybe we can go later in the day depends on daylight. We can possibly go back to morning starts, depends on sailors and volunteers.

34 members currently; 40-50 in the past.

Dan will promise to have a plan in place by January’s meeting concerning bus drivers and by February he will work on brochures/flyers to places in the Capital district. Trish’s friend Peter Brady works with the Special Olympics and can possibly help.

Rick Irvine can make pens with our web address on them, magnets with dates, or calendars. LG Commerce Website and the Mirror and Chronicle would be great resources if we advertise. Online Store would be a great addition to our website.

Spencer has all the pictures from the Regatta on Flickr. Rick donated glass picture frames for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in each fleet. Thank you Rick, they were beautiful and appreciated.

Old Business
Keith has been keeping up the boats and they look good; running rigging is all color coded. Spencer put a spreadsheet together and Keith is working towards getting all the boats the same. BJ donated a single trailer that will be a huge asset to Y-Knot. Thank you so much BJ!

Regional Regatta Expenses should be a budget item; Trish will contact Mobil about possibly donating Gas Cards and check with hotel owners to see what they would offer. We need to work on publicity for regional regattas. Spencer tried after the fact for write-ups about attended events to update our website, with little luck. Spencer is working on defining policy and criteria needs to be set for sending boats and people to away events. The website calendar will list dates for regional regattas.

Waterfront area is still in the permitting phase and has 7 agencies involved. There is a 50% chance this could be built for next summer. The money is in place and a last appeal will be sent to add to it. $180K is for the dock and boat house and will have 3 additional lifts — 5 in total. This will take Y-Knot to the next level and the community sailing.

Dan will present, in January, the idea of a competitive racing team and add a date to the calendar. George will send a draft of the calendar dates for confirmation.

Nyack: Steve and Pete want to go back to build upon the relationship started with them.

New Business
Marc will stay as President, Scott and Don will remain as VPs, and Rick will continue as Treasurer. Becky’s term is up as secretary and must rotate off the board for one year. Dan Byrnes is elected as the new secretary and his role starts January 1, 2010. John Kershko would like to join the board. Dave Whalen would like to rejoin but has a hard time making the meetings. The board will try video conferencing. Scott motioned to accept the new board and Rick seconded the motion.

George said Aimee can check on availability on wireless capability and meeting at the Clifton Park YMCA. January 19, 2010 will be the first meeting. Meetings after that will be the third Tuesday of the month. Items to be discussed at the next meeting will be dates for 2010, extending the Y-Knot community sailing program season and 2010 NYS Governors Expo.

Meeting adjourned 4:30pm
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 12/9/09