Board of Managers Meeting: August 2009

Y-Knot Board Meeting
August 11, 2009
Northwoods Health System, Niskayuna

In attendance were Marc Carnevale, (President), Scott Stewart and Don Miller (co-Vice-Presidents), Rick Irvine (Treasurer), Becky Bonn (Secretary) Keith Edwards (YMCA), Spencer Raggio, Trish McCluskey and Dan Byrne.

Financial Report
Rick Irvine. George would like to ask Y-Knot to donate the money in the designated fund ($13,025) to go towards the new dock at camp. Since Y-Knot has already received $100,000 from Betty Little towards the dock, the board decided to hold on to the designated fund for its original purpose. Spencer motioned to accept, Trish seconded the motion and all agreed.

The question to purchase a single trailer for the martins was raised. It would cost about $1900 from Yankee for a basic trailer, which would not be outfitted for a martin. A trailer could allow us to take a martin to a tradeshow or to Nyack, which in turn could generate sales. It would be easier to work on one boat at a time and it would allow some sailors who have small cars to tow one boat. Rick saw a used one but it would need to be refitted.

Y-Knot community sailing: $600 was pulled out of profit to cover administration fees. It equals about 40%. Spencer will look back further to see when admin fees kicked in.

Don motioned to accept the financial report and Scott seconded the motion.

Committee Reports
Keith Edwards is being groomed for the position of Program Director.

Where does the volunteer information go that is generated from the website? Is there someone that answers the YMCA inquiries that can also forward information from Y-Knot? Official invitation needs to be sent out prior to events. The board is wondering about Aimee Bousquet; Spencer will find out her role from George and follow up on where information and emails go.

PowerPoint, not sure where Pete is at with it. Dan will take the content and send it out to the group. Trish will be speaking in September to the Wounded Warriors and will talk up Y-Knot. Rick suggested the Prospect Child & Family Center on Aviation Rd. Rick has calendars and will have a mock up done for the November banquet. We can then take orders once the dates for 2010 have been set. Also water bottles will be given to participants and also available for sale at $10 each. Rick and Becky are working on new shirts as well for volunteers and for sale.

Spencer will have NOR for Sept 12 – 13 out soon. Don will be on the dock. We will need to borrow flags from the LGC. This is our 10th annual regatta. Spencer will talk to Rebecca to find out if Canadian sailors will be in attendance. Rick will donate glass picture frames for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner in each fleet.

Boat 13 is beat up but salvageable, Keith is hoping to have it repaired by the Regatta but it is not guaranteed. The new sails are here and Rick is going to look into the process of adhering the logos to the sails. Rick and Don will measure the sails on Sat and start working on placement.

Spencer is still working on the Regatta Policy. Dan Byrnes will have more information by November concerning a competitive racing team. Dan will also be speaking with Rebecca and George about grant writing with the hopes of putting funding in place for transportation. Spencer sent a survey out in June concerning the structure and platform of the Y-Knot and heard from two people.

Year end banquet is November 7th. Becky will work with Aimee concerning the Silent Auction. Spencer will find out from Nate Dickenson if they, the Corinthians, are interested in attending. The Volunteer of the Year has been picked and the Trish is working on the gift that has also been decided upon. For surprise sake both items are left out of the minutes.

Next meeting is the annual Board Meeting on Nov 7 at Camp Chingachgook
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn on 9/1/09