Board of Managers Meeting: April 2009

YKnot board meeting
April 15, 2009
Clifton Park Town Library

6:15 Minutes were previously read online by members in attendance

In attendance were Scott Stewart and Don Miller (co-vice presidents), Rick Irvine (treasurer), Sara Grube and Keith Edwards (YMCA), Spencer Raggio, Trish McCluskey and board alum Steve Mintz.

A get well card was signed for Mark Carnevale, who is in the hospital.

Financial report: nothing new to report. Sails will be ordered once the final cost for adding the YKnot logo has been calculated. New categories for spending have not been resolved to date. Rick and George will continue working on this.

The dates June 27 and 28 have been approved by the camp for a Race training clinic to be given by our Canadian friends. Lakeside cabins with ramps will house them for the weekend. Trish will contact Mark to help him with finalizing the arrangements.
An email blast needs to be sent to past participants, inviting them to join in. The board agreed that there should be no cost to the Canadians for the accommodations and food, since they are traveling to help with our racing program. Sara will talk to George about this.

Sara will finalize letters to the Bank of America looking for volunteers; the bank will then donate $200.00 to the YKNot program once the employee completes a number of hours.

Where does the volunteer information go that is generated from the website? Sara believes it goes to a main site at the Y. Is there someone that answers the YMCA inquiries that can also forward information from YKnot? Sara was not hopeful, but would check into it.

Dan was not in attendance, but sent an email about the activities he was following up on. He is meeting with Mike Peluso to work on the possibility for transportation for sailors to the lake. He did speak to several bus companies, but nothing has been resolved so far. The deadline for the grant money was missed, but he would like to work on it for next year.

Scott reported that the Bull and Bear was unresponsive to requests for information for a fundraiser.

This year is the 10th anniversary Regatta. Spencer and Rex will work on something to commemorate the event. We would like to have media coverage. Other suggestions were speakers and getting all the past winners to attend.

Fishing has No Boundaries, a program for disabled people, will hold a day of fishing at the camp on the same weekend as the regatta. There was some concern that this a. takes away from the regatta b. having that many people on the waterfront will be cumbersome and c. numerous boats and drivers will already be needed for the regatta. Don said that it was an organization that is run out of Windham, NY and they wouldn’t require anything from the YKnot organization.

Spencer is working on the policy for regatta travel and loaning boats. He expects it to be done well before the July 23 regatta at AQVA.

There are 8 people signed up for the work weekend April 25 and 26. Boats will be cleaned, waxed and fixed. Inventory will be taken on slings and gear. Keith suggested we try to get No Limit in the water this weekend as well.

Rick has been researching Tshirts and hats. A bright shirt will help identify a volunteer to any sailor coming into the docks. He will email more samples to us and a decision will be made in time to have the shirts available for the volunteer training day on May 16.

New waterfront: George has put the work out for bid.

Our friends at the Nyack Yacht Club contacted George. They are having the open house again this year and asked if we could send someone down and perhaps a boat to display. Keith informed us that we could only sent two boats, since the trailers need to have two in order to properly balance. He suggested that we purchase, for approximately $1500.00, a single trailer. He will look into this and report back. Steve would like to go down and would need someone to go with. He will try and find someone to go with.

Scott motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:00. Trish seconded.
Next meeting Tuesday, June 15. Sara will arrange for a meeting room at the Y.

submitted by Trish McCluskey