Board of Managers Meeting: February 2009

Date: February 11, 2009
Location: Mocha Lisa’s Caffe, Clifton Park, NY
Present: Marc Carnevale (President), Scott Stewart (Vice President), Don Miller (Vice President), Rick Irvine (Treasurer) Becky Bonn (Secretary), Rex Moon, Spencer Raggio, Keith Edwards, Sara Grube, Dan Byrnes

Marc called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm

January 19, 2009 minutes were reviewed and questions were raised concerning the cost of traveling expenses, $3,000, was not just for Mobility Cup. The board would like this clarified. Don motioned to accept the January 19th minutes for now and Scott seconded that.

Treasurer’s Report: Rick Irvine
Rick will contact George to set up a time to meet to review the finances.

Committee Reports
Program: Sara wants to review the following dates
4/ 24-25 Boat work weekend
5/23, Sat Sail Day
5/31, Sun Sail Day
6/13, 20 Sat Sail Day
7/5 Sun Sail Day
7/7 Tues Sail Day
7/11 Sat Sail Day
7/19 Sat Sail Day
8/4 Tues Sail Day
8/15 Sat Sail Day
9/20 Sun Sail Day

Marc will check with the Canadians to see if they are interested in coming down for a weekend in the spring to sail.

Old Business:
Boat Repairs: Keith reported in order to purchase new sails 40% is needed for a down payment and the shipping is free. Spencer thinks we should try at least one set of Dacron sails, by the end of the discussion everyone thought we should purchase all Dacron sails. This will save approximately $900. A new numbering system will be put on the sails; Spencer suggested Y091, Y092 and Y093. Everyone agreed. Keith will place the order.

Regatta Policy: Spencer has spoken with Pete Hogg and they are working on the procedures.

New Waterfront: Keith brought a few pictures and shared with the group.

Hats and Visors: Rick and Becky are going to meet with George about our current inventory

New Business:
Amendment to The Operating Guidelines Mission Statement
Don Miller wants to see the program expand. He realizes this could be a year-long process to change the by-laws. He asked if there is interest in expand the program and be able to offer adaptive kayaking, canoeing, tennis etc. The group present at the meeting would like to stay with sailing and feels these other sports could dilute our manpower and finances. Don would like to keep discussing the possibilities and possibly stretch the program to start with kayaking or canoeing.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:30 pm
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 2/18/2009