Board of Managers Meeting: January 2009

Date: January 14, 2009
Location: Clifton Park YMCA
Present: Marc Carnevale (President), Scott Stewart (Vice President), Don Miller (Vice President), Rick Irvine (Treasurer) Becky Bonn (Secretary), Trish McCluskey, George Painter, Rex Moon, Spencer Raggio

Marc called the meeting to order at 6:15 pm

Becky had posted the November 1, 2008 meeting minutes to the website. Don would like to amend the November 1, 2008 minutes concerning the trailblazer. He wants to see our program expand and diversify and is very supportive of the idea of a trailblazer. He feels the trailblazer could broaden our scope of adaptive sports that could be offered at such a great location as Camp Chingachgook.

George made a motion to have Becky email the minutes and agenda out to the board a week prior to a meeting. Scott seconded the motion. Don motioned to accept November 1, 2008 minutes and Scott seconded that also.

Treasurer’s Report: Rick Irvine
George reviewed the finances; he has not had a chance to bring Rick up to date yet. Our budget is to break even at $21,000. Our revenue was $25,636 and our expenses were $20,570, leaving us with an operating gain of $5,066. This year Nyack Boat Club donated $5,000 to Y-Knot, which was a great surprise. George will move the $5,066 to our designated funds and we will start the 2009 year with $12,260. The statistics show a great year of sailing and we had a record high of participants: 87 people attended the sailor days; this number does not include regatta participants. The regatta number includes volunteers also. Rex would like to see the breakdown of the core group vs. groups in general. Rick asked if we could create a questionnaire to track why some sailors do not return. Miscellaneous expense is high due to travel expenses; Mobility Cup = $3,000, plus mugs, $1,800 for a three-year supply, and we bought watches for awards. George and Rick will meet and fine-tune the report before the next meeting. Don motioned to accept and Marc seconded the motion.

Committee Reports
Program: George will have the camp take care of this committee’s responsibilities.

Membership: Jenny resigned at the annual meeting, so this position is open.

Publicity: Dylan is not here and the board has decided to take him off the board. This position is open, although Trish will speak with Maryellen about chairing it.

Fundraising: Scott Stewart will call Pete concerning the Sandbagger Boats. Rex will talk to Bill Dutcher about having it during the Americade. Rex will work on a Power point presentation.

Regatta: Rex and Spencer will co-chair. Marc will contact the other sailing groups and ask them to link to our website.

Don wants to expand our program and possibly host a tennis clinic with Eva Galvin. Don would like to see other adaptive sports integrated. Currently the mission statement keeps the program geared toward water sports. Changing the mission statement could take up to a year.

Becky will send out a list of committee positions that are open along with the job description.

Old Business:
Boat Repairs: George will set up thre or more days. Spencer says all the running rigging is updated. Steve provided sail prices to Marc. Doyle = $1,325 and North sails = $1,500. George is meeting with Keith and Steve on Jan 15 and will bring up the sails. Rex motioned to purchase 3 sets of sails and Scott seconded the motion. All are in favor.

Regatta Policy: Spencer has it in the works.

Social Sailing Event: Rebecca will work on to generate interest; Marc will contact the Canadians and invite them.

New Waterfront: the two story dock/building should be accomplished over the next two years.

Hats and Visors: George and Becky will work on before the summer.

New Business:
Slate of officers and terms for 2009: Marc Carnevale, President, expires 12/31/10; Scott Stewart, VP, expires 12/31/10; Don Miller, VP, expires 12/31/09; Rick Irvine, Treasurer, expires 12/31/11; Becky Bonn, Secretary, expires 12/31/09*; Trish McCluskey expires 12/31/10; Rex Moon expires 12/31/10*; Spencer Raggio expires 12/31/11.

(*serving a second term, and must rotate off the board for at least one year.)

Dates for 2009
Board Meeting Dates (all meetings start at 6:00 pm at Mocha Lisa’s in Clifton Park)

  • Wednesday, February 11
  • Wednesday, March 11
  • Wednesday, April 15
  • Tuesday, June 9
  • Tuesday, August 11
  • Saturday, November 7 at 2:00 pm

Learn to Sail Days: Sundays, May 3, 10 and 17
Volunteer Day: TBA
Y-Knot Cup Regatta: September 12 and 13

Meeting Adjourned: 8:05 pm
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 1/29/09