Board of Managers Meeting: October 2008

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

Date: October 22, 2008
Location: Clifton Park YMCA
Present: Steve Mintz (President), Don Miller (Treasurer), Becky Bonn (Secretary), Trish McCluskey, George Painter, Marc Carnevale

The meeting was called to order at 6:15PM
May 27, 2008 meeting was cancelled, the April 30th meeting minutes were accepted by all.

Treasurer’s Report: Don Miller handed out a financial summary as of 10/22/08. $7194.00 is in the designated fund at this time. Revenue is $18612 to date. $15769 for Expenses with a operating gain of $2843 to date. We did receive $1250.00 from the LG Rotary and about $5000 from Nyack however this amount is not listed currently in the figures above.

Committee Reports:
Program: Rebecca was not present to report.
Membership: Jenny was not present to report.
Publicity: Dylan was not present to report.
Fundraising: Scott was not present to report, however Steve had provided information about the Sandbagger Boats “Bull” and “Bear” and hopes to have bring them to LG In 2009.
Regatta: Rex was not present to report. Don recapped the event for us. The regatta was great and a huge thanks to the Canadians for attending. One issue was made by a sailor, from Maine; he hoped to use the auto helm. Don was not familiar enough with it to set it up correctly, he asked Pete Hogg for help and he realized some parts were missing after the boat returned from Montreal. This problem made it impossible for 3 sailors to sail in the silver fleet. Don would like to see standardized directions made up on how to install and/or swap out equipment.

Old Business:
Boat Repairs – George said small things were taken care of. Rex mention at April’s meeting about exploring the idea of a second set of sails; the first set would be for training and the second for Regattas. George will find out prices for Martins sails. The discussion has been tabled at this time. Purchasing new slings was discussed and Becky will look to see if there are different styles available.

Regatta policy for loaning & transporting boats: Spencer was not present to report.

Steve wrote a letter that was sent out via email on August 14th with the hopes of generating more interest and participation. Unfortunately he did not receive any response. The members decided not to pursue a Y-Knot Sailors 2 day weekend at this time and it will be taken off the agenda at this time.

Eva Galvin would like to host a tennis clinic for the disabled possibly the weekend of the Regatta. Don Miller would like to see this happen and in order for this to happen he says the courts need to be smooth, and have easier access to the bathrooms. Also the west side of the courts needs to be more accessible. We will table this for discussion at a later meeting.

New Business:
Officers – Becky made the motion to nominate Marc Carnevale as the next president and Trish seconded the motion. However George would like to change the by laws and see the leadership role be run by an able bodied person or a disabled person. He feels the program has changed and the current structure will not work. Also the meetings could possibly be reorganized to have maybe 4 a year and plan the whole year at the annual meeting. Some details are already on autopilot with the camp. Don motioned to change the by laws as well and Marc seconded the motion. A vote will need to happen at the annual board meeting. If the vote is accepted the motion will be to have Don Miller be president and have Marc Carnevale as treasurer. Rex Moon submitted his resignation and we accepted it with regret.

New board members – Dan Byrnes wants to join and Don will call to invite. Hoping to have Spencer Raggio come back after his one year rotation off. Becky will ask him. Marc will contact Dan Kennedy. Also we hope Mary Ellen will stay involved and plan a Wounded Warrior Day.

Volunteer of the year will be Rick Irvine & Bob Flanegan. Steve has already purchased the gifts and Steve will follow up with them to make sure they can make the meeting and to see if they are interested in joining the board.

Silent Auction will be held at the annual banquet; Steve has already received some donations to use and is hoping we can all find a few people to donate something. Becky will contact Yankee Yacht about a boat rental.

Next Meeting: Annual meeting November 1, 2008 at Camp Chingachgook, 2pm
Meeting adjourned 8:20Pm
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 10/29/08