Generous Support from Nyack Boat Club

Steve Mintz and Don Miller went down to Nyack to give a presentation on Y-Knot, and lend support to the Nyack Boat Club during their Sonar Regatta. Don noted that after their presentation, there was some interest among their sailors in coming up to Y-Knot to sail.

The Sonar event was a fund-raiser, and Y-Knot will receive $3,000 as a result. A very big “thank you” to the sailors at Nyack from all the Y-Knot sailors and volunteers.

From Joseph Scarmato, Commodore of the Nyack Boat Club:

“Thank you for being a part of Nyack Boat Club’s Adapted Sailing Program this past weekend. It was pleasure to meet you both and to hear about the Y-Knot Program in person. I know that our disabled participants enjoyed your presentation very much and were inspired to sail even more. The event received press coverage from News 12 cable TV as well as the Journal News and WCBS News Radio 880.

“You will be happy to know that we had a successful regatta on Saturday and Sunday and have raised $3,000 thus far on your behalf. On that basis we asked Matt Chao, the US Blind Sailing Champion, who participated in the event, to accept our ceremonial check on your behalf at the conclusion of the event.

“As we continue to follow up on our pledges and collections there is the possibility that there will be additional funds raised and if this becomes the case we will most certainly forward the additional amount with our donation check. In addition, a number of our participants have taken flyers and told us that they intended to make a direct contribution to your program after the regatta.

“We ask that you will put these funds to good use for sailors with disabilities in the Y-Knot Program and trust that this donation will help you to another successful season.”