Board of Managers Meeting: April 2008

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

Date: April 30, 2008
Location: Clifton Park YMCA
Present: Steve Mintz (President), Scott Stewart (Vice President), Don Miller (Treasurer), Becky Bonn (Secretary), Trish McCluskey, Rex Moon, George Painter, Marc Carnevale

The meeting was called to order at 6:05PM
March 26, 2008 minutes were reviewed. Rex motioned to accept the minutes and Don seconded the motion. All agreed.

Treasurer’s Report: Don Miller handed out a financial summary as of 4/30/2008. $6029.00 is in the designated fund at this time. There was a $2915.00 surplus from 2007 and $3000 will go out towards the dock project. About $4000 as come in already for 2008 and the first appeal has been sent out. Steve motioned to accept the report and Scott seconded the motion. All agreed.

Committee Reports:
Rebecca was not present to report.
Membership: Jenny was not present to report. Steve has written a letter that he will send to George in hopes of generating more interest and participation.
Publicity: Dylan was not present to report. Trish picked up books concerning the new trophy and we agreed on $400. The group is looking for a wooden base and with enough room for it to be a perpetual trophy. Trish will work on and let us know.
Scott has been unable to reach the Sandbagger Boats “Bull” and “Bear” to find out more on hosting them during the Americade. Scott is going to keep trying so we can possibly coordinate this for 2009.

George is going to send pictures to Steve & Scott so they can set up a meeting to work on putting a PowerPoint presentation together. Steve is going to contact Maryellen to see if she would be willing to help. The presentation will be a great recruiting tool.

George submitted request to the Lake George Rotary Club on 4/29/08 and asked for $5000 to be used on the dock project. Americade is June 2 – 7 and volunteers will be needed to help sell raffle tickets. George will send out a request for help soon.

Don is part of the USTA and would like to host a meeting at the camp on the same day as a clinic. George has two tennis courts available and think this would be a great way to generate interest.

Regatta: Rex Moon will contact Spencer about listing the regatta details as a pdf on other websites such as Mobility Cup. The NOR should go out no later than the end of May. George will email the database to Rex. The NOR should also go to groups and organizations that have attended previous. Steve called Steve Colletti at The Sagamore concerning the Chowderfest Regatta and they are not hosting the event this year.

Old Business:
Martin Demo, Clayton, NY on July 19th: Rebecca was not present to report. However Trish, Don and Marc will talk about this event.
Boat Repairs Days – all mains are on starboard and jibs on port. A huge thank you to Spencer for helping with the rigging and Bob Flanegan, Rick Irving and his son Jeff and Ted Brothers for doing a fantastic job cleaning the boats. Keith will be having #13 deck repaired and is in contact with a sail maker in Burlington. Spencer inventoried the sails and Keith is in search of a missing Spinnaker. Some work yet to be done but the boats are in good shape for the summer. Rex feels we should start looking exploring the idea of a second set of sails; the first set would be for training and the second for Regattas.
Checklist for setting up the Martins was created by Pete Hogg and handed out by Steve. Steve will send the list to George and he will make the list part of the handbook, which will be distributed at the Volunteer Training Day. The list will help train volunteers on rigging a boat. Steve will ask if Pete Hogg will be available to help assist on training day.
New Lift-SureHands – Chowderfest is not happening this year but we will need new lifts once the dock project is complete. The cables will be replaced on our current lifts.
Dry Eraser Board & Easel for the Pavilion: George will get them.
First Aid Bag: George has supplies at the waterfront. There is a nurse on staff as well. At this time we will take the weather conditions in account at each event to be prepared to the possibilities of hyperthermia and other health related issues.
Regatta policy for loaning & transporting boats: Spencer was not present to report.

New Business:
Nyack Boat Club
is hosting an event of May 16-18 and will be donating money to Y-Knot. Becky will contact and see what they need. Steve would like to go but is not able to drive.
Governor Paterson’s Expo on Assistive Technology May 15, 2008. Trish can possibly attend.

Next Meeting: TUESDAY 5/27 at 6PM at the Clifton Park YMCA
Meeting adjourned 7:45Pm
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 5/5/08