Board of Managers Meeting: March 2008

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

Date: March 26, 2008
Location: Clifton Park Kidz Lodge YMCA
Present: Steve Mintz (President), Scott Stewart (Vice President), Don Miller (Treasurer), Becky Bonn (Secretary), Trish McClusky, Rex Moon, Jenny Overeynder

Steve welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 6:10PM
March 5 minutes were reviewed. Rex motioned to accept the minutes and Don seconded the motion. Treasurer’s report was not available.

Committee Reports
Program: Rebecca was not present to report, although Trish will be meeting with Rebecca soon regarding the Program committee. Trish will be putting fliers at Double H for alumni’s.
Membership: Jenny has emailed Maryellen and will connect with her. The focus will be on recruiting sailors, possibly from Sunnyview and contacting Vets. Scott has offered to work with Jenny on some names.
Publicity: Dylan was not present to report.
Fundraising: Scott spoke to Bill Dutcher about hosting Sandbagger boats during the Americade. Bill said this sounded good but we would need the approval of Mayor Blais and would need to find out about insurance. Also needs to research the cost of hosting the boats and what the rides would cost. Scott also contacted George about the Lake George Rotary Club and George will follow up on this in April. Steve mentioned using MSN Photo Story to put together a presentation. It was suggested that George most likely has everything needed to put a PowerPoint presentation together for Y-Knot.
Regatta: Rex Moon is taking over chairing the committee. He will handle and or delegate the following: setting schedule and format for the regatta, updating NOR and SIs, obtaining trophies/prizes, arranging volunteers and companions. Rebecca has in the past contacted the sailors. Trish will ask her if she will still be willing to help with recruitment. It was brought up at the last meeting about opening up the regatta to other small boats. The group feels that this will not be a good idea because it would require setting up two courses that requires much more handling.

Old Business:
Martin Demo: Rebecca was not present to report
Boat Repairs: George was not present to report
New Lift SureHands Demo for the Chowder Cup: Steve will contact Spencer
Dry Eraser Board & Easel for the Pavilion: Trish will ask a friend who works at Staples to see if they could donate one.
First Aid Bag: We need to clarify with George on what is currently available near the docks. Is there a nurse on staff or an EMT available? Is there an emergency plan posted? Volunteers need to be apprised of what to do.
Regatta policy for loaning & transporting boats: Spencer was not present to report
Y-Knot Trophy: Dylan was not present to report, Trish will follow up with him.
Generating more Interest and participation of membership: Steve will be writing a letter and will have available by mid April to send out seeking opinions from sailors and volunteers in preparation for the summer season.

2008 goals:
Setting up the martins for better equipping Quads. We would like to contact BJ and invite him to a meeting to present and explain his ideas.

New Water Front Area: We are anxious to hear from George and Rebecca on what happened with their meeting with Senator Betty Little.

New Business: Camp Chingachgook is hosting a US Sailing Instructor course on June 14th & 15th. We are curious to hear more.

Meeting adjourned 7:30PM
Minutes submitted by Becky Bonn 4/2/08