Board of Managers Meeting: January 2008

Board of Managers Meeting Minutes

Date: January 30, 2008
Location: Clifton Park YMCA
Present: Steve Mintz (President), Don Miller (Treasurer), George Painter, Rebecca Stanley, Jenny Overeynder, Marc Carnevale, Dylan Walrath, Rex Moon, Trish McCluskey

Steve called the meeting to order at 6:00PM.

1: Goal to establish committees; enlist help from others not in attendance.

2: Reading of minutes – Don Miller
Discussion of number members have gone down Surplus of $2659 – George proposes that some of the funds go towards increasing the stone dust path for wheelchair access. Should Y-Knot contribute $3000 to the $5000 pathway? Marc asked if we could get packed stone dust by Rockwell Lodge to make the access easier for sailors who stay? Rex motioned to contribute $3000 and Don Miller seconded the motion, all in attendance voted in favor.

Dylan followed up regarding a new Trophy. Suggestion is for something nice with a price range of $400-$500 with room for names.

3: Program Committee description – Rebecca; recruit and train volunteers and communicate all information with the camp; idea was to have at least one committee member at each sailing event. It’s time to rethink this because it is more than a one-person job and some of the major volunteers will not be available (i.e. Pete, BJ etc). Camp will take care of the boats and email blasts. Rebecca agreed to Program and Trish will assist.

4: Membership Committee is to recruit and get information to new members. Goal is to develop growth of membership; we need to look for organizations that outreach to the disabled. We can send mailings and work with counselors. Jenny will work on this and requested help, possibly Mary Ellen Rudolph or Steve Mintz. Don suggested putting an ad or an article in the paper.

5: Publicity – Do we need a chair? Is this position part of other committees? It’s been suggested that Publicity be handled by camp. Dylan offered to do research for a publicity spot for the beginning part of the season so we can get off to a good start. Should we set aside a date to teach new sailors?

6: Fundraising – Scott and Steve. Steve will get together with Scott and see if he will be interested in serving on the fundraising committee. All agreed.

7: Race committee – Spencer will continue chairing this committee and Rex will help. George said he talked with Spencer about this.

Calendar Dates for 2008 – updated since meeting Here are the 2008 dates for Y-Knot as per our last board meeting. The only change is the canceling of the Wednesday, August 20 Sailing Day at Camp due to a conflict on that day with other programs.

Boat Repair days
March 1, 29 Saturdays, 9 am-noon
April 26 Saturday, 9 am-noon
Community Learn to Sail Classes
May 4,11,18 Sundays, 1-4 pm (Spencer will teach)
Volunteer Training
May 18 Sunday, 10am-3pm (George will coordinate Volunteer Training Day with Program)
Sagamore Chowder Cup
May 25 Sunday
Sailing Days
May 24 Saturday, 10am-4 pm
June 1 Sunday, 10am-4pm
June 14 Saturday, 10am-4pm
June 21 Saturday, 10am-4pm
July 6 Sunday, 10 am-4pm
July 8 Tuesday,10am-4pm
July 20 Sunday, 10am-4pm
July12 Saturday,10am-4pm
August 5 Tuesday, 10am-4pm
August 16 Saturday, 10am-4pm
September 13 Saturday, 10am-4pm
Y-Knot Cup Regatta
September 6-7 Saturday-Sunday
Y-Knot Annual Banquet
November 8, 4 PM, Camp Chingachgook
Board Meetings
January 30, 6PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
February 27, 6PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
March 26, 6 PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
April 30, 6 PM, 6PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
May 14, 6 PM, 6PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
October 22, 6 PM, 6PM, Southern Saratoga YMCA
November 8, 2 PM, Camp Chingachgook
Other dates:
Montreal’s Regatta July 25-26
Burlington’s Regatta August 2-3
Mobility Cup Regatta, Montreal August 25-29

Clayton Demo Days – Rex questioned the timing, Rebecca
will report back with the details.

Rebecca motioned to accept the dates and Dylan seconded the motion and all were in favor.

2008 Goals:
Discussion of on water lessons; we are already doing this. Where have all the sailors gone? Steve suggested a newsletter. Rebecca suggested that Steve write a letter to people and invite them to “Rediscover” Y-Knot. We also need to increase member attendance; work on promotional ideas to increase numbers. Send out an email to poll for interest.

Rex offered to teach “fundamentals of sailing” lessons – a pre water lesson, lunch then go sailing. Other activities: Pool Party/ Social Events? Rebecca suggested we leave Y-Knot a sailing program.

Meeting adjourned 8:30PM
Minutes taken by Trish McCluskey
Submitted by Becky Bonn 2/21/08