Martin 16 Maintenance Evaluation Day

A small group of volunteers pulled the covers off the six Martins on Saturday, March 25 to review the state of the boats and compile a list of hardware and rigging parts needed to bring them all up to par before the start of the season. We’ll be re-convening on Saturday April 8 with parts in hand to do the actual work. Please join us if you can. And check out the photos in the Flickr set (we’ve set up a group on Flickr where we can collect and annotate these kinds of photos):

One thought on “Martin 16 Maintenance Evaluation Day

  • Ron Byrne

    This Saturday, April 8th, Y-Knot will be holding the second of two work parties to prepare our six Martin 16s for the coming sailing season and really we need your help.

    To say the least, we have much to do. Saturday’s session will be dedicated to making repairs, replacing rigging and cleaning up the boats. I think 8-10 volunteers with really cool tools or people that like to wash and wax large plastic objects will get it done.

    If you can make it, report to the pavilion by 9:30 or so on Saturday morning. I would estimate that we would be done at 3pm or so.

    I hope you can help. Y-Knot has a very busy season ahead and it would be fantastic to start it with all of the boats ready to go.

    Thanks for your help.

    Ron Byrne, Y-Knot

    It MUST be spring. We’re working on boats again!

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